Business Plan 

This is a working document and is evolving on a regular basis

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Association Short Term Objectives

The Next 6 to 12 Months

  • Obtain licence from LSSA to use the ground
  • Obtain relevant licences and insurances for events
  • Maintain the ground to a high standard (Completed)
  • Work closely with football and rugby league clubs to be based at the ground
  • Schedule football matches, charity & league, and rugby league matches, to meet local clubs’ wishes
  • Schedule charity & community fun days for the local community
  • Investigate provision of other sports and local sponsorship deals

Our Achievable Business Plan for the Community

Our Vision of the Future

After several legal battles, each of which the action group won against the City Council and in each case LCC were ordered to pay the Action Group’s legal costs, we now find ourselves in a position, due to community support, where we can begin to plan both a short term and long term future for this much loved community ground once the threat of development is finally removed.


The TV Harrison sports ground (Leeds, Wortley) was used for sport following local head teacher Thomas Vernon Harrison helping to raise £1,200 back in 1931 to buy the land for the children of Leeds. Since then it had become home to Leeds City Boys, which featured the best young players from Leeds schools who went on to become Leeds United, England, Scotland & Ireland stars. The ground has officially been closed since 2004. In 2019 the site was included in Leeds City Council Site Allocations Plan (SAP) – which suggested 50 houses could be built on the land.
The majority of the site is held in trust by the Leeds Schools Sports Association (LSSA). The organisation claims that should a planned sale of the site go through, they would be able to reinvest the money in sporting facilities for school children in Leeds.
However, since the site was named for potential development a large number of community members and campaigners, have come forward to save the land and return it back to its former glory. A community committee has been formed and together have spent many hours, days and weeks clearing 15 years of neglect by Leeds City Council and Leeds Schools Sports Association to reclaim this valued community asset.

Now, after four successive victories in the High Court, a well maintained ground and public liability in place we are ready to start again.


TV Harrison Sports Ground

Oldfield Lane


LS12 4EU. 

Conveniently located between the Queen Public House, which also custody of the community funded defibrillator, & Asda Supermarket

The Community Survey

Unfortunately The Leeds City Council Survey did not accurately represent the community.

Unfortunately the Leeds City Council Survey was heavily flawed and reached very few of the local people who use the TVH Sports Ground, so we carried out our own to gauge accurately public opinion. The results were a revelation in stark contrast the the LCC survey.

A Google questionnaire was set up to help gather information about how the site is currently being used and what the local community would like to see in the proposed design and development of TVH

Survey By Age Group

We wanted o know what was the age groups of people using the TV Harrison Sports Field. There were 54 responses

Do You Use TVH Ground?

How do the community actually use the ground in its current state? There were 60 responses

If So, In What Capacity?

What do people actually use the ground for? There were 49 responses

How Do You Personally Benefit From TVH?

How does the TV Harrison ground improve your wellbeing? There were 52 responses

What would you like to see at TVH?

How would you like to see the the TVH ground develop moving forward? There were 60 responses

Additional Comments & Suggestions for TVH Ground?

An open suggestion box for comments from the local community

  • The community and Leeds needs outdoor sports provisions this area is deficient. Not to mention the place is of massive historic importance.
  • I love this site and its history. I am completely opposed to houses being built here
  • The space has massive potential as a safe community area. A natural wild life area would be amazing!
  • It would be nice to have a social area. For the close area. Leeds 12 and especially as Lower Wortley has a shortage of open green areas
  • I have in the past run junior football teams and indeed played on TVH for both my school and City Boys, in my future years getting on a bus and getting off at the ground to see future Boys and Girls start their journey would be wonderful
  • Just needs to be developed for community activities and kids sport as originally intended
  • TVH is a valuable space for the community, and I don't feel that developing houses on the site is desired among the local community. As mentioned above, I would like to see more done to attract wildlife, though this may not be the top priority of other local residents.
  • Throughout the summer it has been great to see how much the ground has come back to life, through events, football training, kids having a daily kick about safely, dog walkers meeting up, people exercising. This land is most definitely needed and wanted by the community
  • Grass pitch - heritage value and an asset to the community. Formal or informal use.
  • An addition of a fitness site similar to Armley Moor with an all-weather equipment & running/ walking paths.
  • It's a lovely community space and should be kept for our children
  • Spiritual & historic ‘green’ space. Anywhere purchase by common folk & gifted to Leeds children needs to be respected & loved
  • An action plan run and managed by the young people through a youth hub. Who canvas and lobby the council at every opportunity. Empowering them to take ownership and direct actions to show Leeds City Council they have a passion for what was gifted to them. Green space for health and recreation is key to their future and that of this country. Together they can be stronger, they have a voice and need to use it.
  • I would like to see the area returned to its previous condition and even improved for the benefit of all ages. A decent, local, multi sports facility with changing rooms and even a clubhouse that local teams could use. I firmly believe the benefits to the local community would be worth the investment.

Generic Paste Sheet for the TVH Ground

What have the community seen at TVH Ground?

Climate Data for Leeds in particular LS12

Average Weather in Leeds

In Leeds, the summers are comfortable and partly cloudy and the winters are long, very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy. 

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 35° F to 68°F and is rarely below 27°F or above 77°F. There is no environmental advantage in building on this land and the overall impact would be detrimental.